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Busiest Man (radio edit)

It’s with great pleasure, that we are now able to – not only – publish our new music video – along with an updated “radio” version of our song “Busiest Man”. But also to announce a new band member of Fedora Heap – follow the link (pdf) for further details: http://tinyurl.com/bnmpfxn


Our new single “Busiest Man” is out now! Read more at http://www.fedoraheap.com


New single release!

New single release!

We are now happy to publish our single cover and name for our upcoming single ‘Busiest Man’ – being released on 21 Feburar, 2013.

There were many who took part in the competition to guess the title on Facebook, but only Johnny Urth and Ronnie Bjorn Hoegh guessed it! Congratulations, you will be contacted and receive our latest CD and debut album.